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Artificial Intelligence course (COMP2612)


○ Module summary
Artificial intelligence is a developed field within computer science and is rapidly evolving. The foundations of this field have roots in the work of Alan Turing investigating the boundary between human intelligence and computers. Technologies developed in the field of artificial intelligence have found their way into everyday life and form services and infrastructure that we rely on on a day to day basis. Such services and infrastructure include internet search, predictive text, speech recognition and automation.This module covers the foundations of the topics in artificial intelligence and considers its uses in a wide range of applications as well as the ethical and legal issues that arise.

○ Syllabus
Search, Adversarial Games and Knowledge Representation, Uncertainty, Decision trees, and Learning from Examples.

Machine Learning course (OCOM5200M)


○ Module summary
Machine learning is a fast-evolving field that uses algorithms to recognize patterns and statistical trends in data, either with minimal human involvement or none at all. The primary goal is to aid in decision-making. In this module, students explore various machine learning methods and understand how these methods are connected to statistics and gain hands-on experience by applying them to actual and simulated datasets.

○ Syllabus
Neural networks, decision trees, support vector machines, Bayesian learning, instance-based learning, linear regression, clustering, reinforcement learning, and recent developments in machine learning.